BMX Triathlon in Australia

Since I was a child, I have loved BMX Bikes. Unfortunately, I’m still one at 32. I can recall fondly remembering Bob Haro’s stories in grade school in Oregon in my teens. My Haro BMX Mirra 540 air is my favorite BMX bike. The total workout and maneuverability that a BMX bike offers is something I love, which you can’t get on a 10-speed or mountain bike. This is why I love this bike. My fluorescent orange BMX was recalled by fellow Business School students as I rode to class along the Charles River using my bright orange bike.

This is just to reiterate the reason I chose to use a BMX for this year’s NYC Triathlon. This may seem a bit odd, but I believe that the only way I could compete in my first triathlon was on my BMX. I am not a professional, nor do I want to be one. I just want to be healthy and fit. This can be difficult when you live in NYC’s middle of the city. My bike allows me to keep in good shape by riding it around the city and in Central Park. In February 2004, I received a flyer about the 2004 NYC Triathlon, which was to take place in June. Although I was initially hesitant, I became so interested in the event that I signed up online before the day ended.

The flyer was so attractive that I started to think about my mentor. He’s post-60, very successful, swims, runs a bank, volunteers and is a venture capitalist. He is also very fit, physically, mentally and spiritually. He stressed the importance of vitamins and athleticism as well as not focusing on women’s health as a way to improve your health. His words are full of wisdom. I remember wanting to follow his advice because I admired his energy, which seemed ten times higher than mine. And I’m only 32! This is how I got my passion to finish my first triathlon. Now I get to compete in a BMX Triathlon in Australia.

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