From soccer player to marathon runner and all round adventurous athlete Luke Tyburski shares his story about his battles and personal wins.

After facing countless injuries and ending up in swirl of depression, Tyburski stopped at nothing when he quickly decided conquer in the Marathon des Sables, five months out of the harshest race in the world.

Severe overuse injury, soaring blisters, a stomach virus leading to dehydration and an IV drip later, the aim to finish in the top 50 soon came to close. He finished 224th out of 750 brave competitors from the 860 who began but that didn’t kill his spirit.

Despite his failure to achieve his personal goal, there’s more Tyburski's journey than hitting the sand.

“The story behind the story is that when I was out in the desert, it was the first time in years that I actually felt truly alive, that I was living my life. And I felt like the depression had kept me in a cave, and out in the desert it truly dawned on me that this is what I want to do,” he says.

Among the quest to combat the Marathon de Sables, Tybruski has developed an impressive diary of adventurous coups including the Ultimate Triathlon.

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